Real Life Testimonials of the



So excited to share my first week's results from using the gel! I must admit I was a little skeptical at first, but if the results I am seeing just in the first week of using this products is any indication of what is to come, I am excited! 😃


1 . I've lost 3.5 lbs (note: I have been on a workout/health kick for awhile and have lost weight prior to using the gel. But, the additional loss in such a short amount of time is amazing!)

2 . I wake up 5-10 mins before my alarm goes off with a ton of energy. I've never been a morning person, it's crazy I like to get up when it is still dark now.

3 . Sleep a good solid 7-8 hours every night. And by sleep, I mean full on sleep (sound).

4 . I've lost 1/2 an inch off my waist in the first 5 days of using this product. Yay!

5 . Do not need or crave caffeine to function in the morning and or throughout the day. So weird, but love it!


Crazy to think I have experienced all of these things within the first 7 days of use.


- Heather D.


We are amazed how great we feel! I really tried not to say anything to family and friend for at least another month, but I got to excited!


Erika L.




It's been six weeks exactly and I am really excited! It was week four that I could really tell I was waking up more refreshed than ever. My mental clarity seemed so much better come week four ! My fifth week I could visually see that I am leaning out and have not changed my diet or training routine at all except adding the Gel to my routine. The biggest thing I notice now is the pain in my right elbow has diminished greatly. Last year I blew my elbow out and needed to have it drained three times and have a series of cortisone shots. The pain and movement of the elbow is so much better. I'm excited to keep on with this Gel and can't wait until a few months to see how amazing I will look and feel ! Blessed! Thank You All !!


Todd K.


My 81 year old dad has been on the gel 2.5 months . He has neuropathy , spinal stenosis BAD , had 4 back surgeries , neck surgery , open heart surgery , 2 knee replacements , stroke . 9 years of operations .... Need I go on ?? 😓


We can't make medical claims , but here's his results so far :


~Sleeps like a rock (pain would keep him up )

~Less pain in legs ( this is his major complaint ... he has to use a cane / walker to ambulate and the pain is debilitating )

~Increased muscle mass in his biceps and arms which he desperately needs and he can't work out so this is huge

~Improved mood


My dad is a huge skeptic and not a complainer or one to tell you if something works. I came home to visit for Fathers Day and the first thing he told me was his arms are stronger and he was so excited to report it .. this gel is a game changer . To see my 81 yr old dad make improvements at this stage in his life is all I need


Kimberly M.




This isn't about how I got shredded, or how my strength increased, or how I put on lean muscle mass ( because I haven't....yet.....but please bare with me)


This is SO MUCH more than that. It's about how I haven't been able to do what I love to do for the past year.


Last year July 12th I had back surgery. I followed what the therapist said, did everything they asked of me and 2 months later almost to the day.... I needed another back surgery.


With 2 back surgeries by the age of 37, I thought I could bounce back easily......again I did what the doctors asked of me but still pain,aches,stiffness were a daily hurdle (more than normal)


Each day my morning fitness routine felt more and more in the past and more of a memory. Things attitude changed, my thoughts changed .... I changed....depression set in and I wasnt myself.


March came and I received a text regarding this "gel" and right off the bat i thought 🙄 "what a sham".... but after a few days I thought to myself..."well, what if" .... I definitely didn't want to be the person who later in life had regrets so I decided to give it a shot.


2 blueberry size dosages, twice a day........ first week went by.... nothing....2nd week....not much, 3rd week, 4th week.......sure I was feeling better sleep at night but still wanted more results. So i decided to keep it going, I mean after all, I was actually getting some sleep, finally!


Well.......Here I am, back doing what i LOVE first thing in the morning. Pains, inflammation, range of motion, all better than I've could have expected. Finishing workouts and still able to move, no pain, plenty of energy to crush the day..


Easily one of the best things I could have experienced and if I could give only one piece of advice is........ it MIGHT NOT happen over night.....but it will happen and to be quite honest whether it was a week, a month, 2 months..... I'm just grateful to be able to back to "normal"


Kevin R.



I am a wellness coach and have taken many excellent wellness products in my career and on the gel 4 months now. The first 8 weeks I didn’t notice much, however the results started to kick in on the 9th week. My sleep is better than I ever remember, I wake up so rested. My triglycerides have lowered by 36 points, cholesterol lowered 12 points


I have lost a solid 11lbs. 3 inches. from my waist and 3 inches hips where I needed it the most. No more fat belly! However, the most exciting benefit for me, 4 years ago I broke my femur and had to have a rod and pins. I was depressed because I never could get the quality of life back that I had prior to this accident. I’d dreaded walking up steps at the YMCA where I work out because I was embarrassed that I walked up them like an old lady. Two weeks ago I realized I was bounding up the steps like I would have 15 years ago! I am 72 years young now and the benefits from the gel just keep getting better!!!




Bonnie S.